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Amy Post

About Amy Post

Hi, I’m Amy.

In the face of life’s cruelest blows, I found an inner fortitude I never knew I possessed. I’m Amy Dawn Post—more than a name, I’m a mother of two, a devoted wife, and an advocate whose determination knows no bounds. The words, “Your daughter has malignant liver cancer,” shook my world, unveiling a rare genetic nightmare promising not one, but three devastating forms of cancer. Life, I realized, is a relentless storm of challenges, a series of “whens” rather than “ifs.” Yet, amid the darkness, I unearthed an unwavering belief in my instincts, challenging fate for the sake of my daughter and myself.

I invite you to stand with me, fellow warriors, for I’ve learned this truth: pain carries purpose, and within purpose, we find extraordinary power. Trust your intuition—it’s a beacon in the night. I am not just here to share my story; I’m here to remind you that you are never alone. Together, we possess a strength that can triumph over the deepest shadows. Remember this: you are stronger than you think, and even in the most trying times, there’s a resilience within you waiting to emerge.

Author and Coach

Amy Post

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Her story is not just any story—it’s a powerful testament to the strength of love and the extraordinary lengths we go to for those we hold dear.

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Join others in the community to grow and lift each other up!

Join Amy in the Community!

Join others in the community to grow and lift each other up!

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